Small but Mighty!

Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical in the universe, constituting roughly ¾ of the mass of the universe and not less than 90% of all atoms. The amount of hydrogen on the earth's surfaces ranks third only after oxygen and silicon. At higher concentrations, hydrogen is flammable, indeed it is our sun's fuel source. Fortunately even nonflammable, low concentrations provide significant health benefits

Unlike other better known antioxidants, molecular hydrogen gas has unique, balanced anti-oxidative activity. It readily combines with destructive free radicals as can be caused by x-rays, ozone, cigarette smoking, air pollutants, industrial chemicals and even aging. This ability to scrub away agents of oxidative damage is gentle enough however that normal, healthy chemical reactions, including cell signaling, are not disturbed. This contrasts with many other antioxidants which actually cause oxidation damage if used in larger amounts than is necessary. Neutralizing the destructive free radicals spares cellular resources for more helpful regenerative processes. Once the free radical is neutralized, the body can then eliminate the threat unharmed. Accordingly, hydrogen gas has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

Hydrogen (H2) is also unique in that it is the smallest molecule in the universe. This tiny size makes hydrogen gas light and able to diffuse throughout the body unlike any other anti-oxidant. Hydrogen gas diffuses throughout all of your tissues and out through your skin and lungs. It is so small that it even readily diffuses into your cellular machinery to include the nucleus and mitochondria, the cell's energy generator. Elimination through the kidney or liver is trivial and unnecessary.


Hydrogen gas is safe and has no drug interactions. In fact, hydrogen has been recognized as a food additive and is generated during the fermentation process of dietary fibers by the bacteria in your intestines. So you already have a little hydrogen gas in you now (especially if you eat your vegetables)!

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